10 Jul 2014

Resize Windows XP NTFS Partitions Using the Windows 7 Installer

I needed to resize an NTFS partition on a system running Windows XP. Rather than download GParted, I decided to attempt the resize using a Windows 7 installer. Fortunately, it works! Read all about it after the break.

Windows XP NTFS partitions compatible with the Windows 7 diskpart command.
Who'da thunk it?

3 Jul 2014

Recipe: Chinese Sleeping Tea

I often experience mild insomnia on hot summer days (no A/C in our home) or during times of increased stress, but fortunately I've found some relief in the form of this Chinese sleeping tea. My wife discovered this herbal remedy earlier this year and it helped me get the sleep I needed during final exams in law school. Since then, we've shared this recipe with a number of people who have also found that it helps. As a bonus, it is easy to make and most people find it to be very pleasant tasting. I've decided it is time to share it with my friends on the Internet. Bon appétit et bonne nuit!

Clockwise from the top: dried dates; dried goji berries; and dried longan.
All should be easily found at a decent Chinese grocery store or herbalist.

2 Jul 2014

Recipe: "Instant" Hot Cocoa (Microwave)

I like hot cocoa, but I don't like the amount of effort which goes into making it on the stove. On the other hand, I like the speed of instant cocoa, but I never found it to hold up to the traditional recipes (chalky, poor flavour, or both). Until now. Below is my recipe for making smooth hot cocoa in the microwave.


6 Mar 2014

An OpenSSH Package for Nexus 5 Phones Running the Stock ROM

If you are looking for an OpenSSH package for Nexus 5 devices running the stock ROM, then you've come to the right place. I have made a recovery package that anyone may use to add OpenSSH to their Nexus 5. This package allows a Nexus 5 user to make outgoing scp, sftp, and ssh connections from the phone, as well as incoming scp, sftp, and ssh connections into the phone. Public key authentication is used from incoming connections to the phone.

Puffy and Bug Droid, a match made in heaven for convenience.

28 Feb 2014

Creating A Flexible OpenBSD USB Installer


Chris Cappuccio recently submitted to Undeadly his recipe for creating a bootable USB flash disk OpenBSD installer for the amd64 and i386 architectures. More accurately, he gave instructions for creating a bootable disk image using the install.iso file as a base. While there is utility in this, I prefer my particular method for creating a USB installer, and so I am sharing the process in this article.

My method for preparing a USB installer involves creating a small, bootable OpenBSD FFS partition large enough to hold several RAM disk kernels (bsd.rd files). The remainder of the USB disk is allocated to the lowest common denominator universal FAT32 format, which optionally houses the OpenBSD installation sets.